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It’s no wonder canvas printing is so popular these days, it’s a simple technique that makes an incredible impact,

What’s great about canvas prints is they give you the chance to breathe new life into your favourite photos by displaying them in a stunning, affordable way. Turning you from amateur photographer into design sensation.

So how does it work? Once again, we’re indebted to new printing technology which takes the photo, configures the exact tone and colour to make it look as real as possible and then recreates that image in a larger size onto canvas. We then take that canvas and attach it to a solid pine frame, which we unpin for extra strength. Voilá, you’ve got a seriously stunning piece of wall art.

canvas print

Of course, using the best quality products to create your canvases is key. That’s why the textile we print onto is 100% pure cotton of exhibition grade, and our pigment inks are guaranteed to be long lasting. It looks as though someone has painstakingly painted this picture onto canvas, the detail is that good.

This unique quality is why you’ll notice canvas prints being used in businesses across the world too. Businesses can make a big impression by having this kind of eye-catching displays adorning their walls, and they have the freedom to express themselves in all sorts of different ways. Look in your local restaurants, bars, hairdressers or even banks. Notice how many are making the most of this fantastic technology.

But, of course, it’s the personal touch that really sells canvas printing. Like most people, your favourite photos might live only on your smart phone or Facebook. What a waste when they could be hanging in pride of place in your home. We’ll take those unforgettable moments and immortalise them on canvas, so you can enjoy them every day.

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