Customer service done properly

Over a fifteen year period, the team at GB Visual produced a truly impressive range of large format print work for me and my team, often to a very demanding and sometimes last- minute schedule.

Our various locations right across the UK created many delivery headaches but the GB Visual team always arrived and installed the jobs on time and at a very high quality.

The work was for a large construction company’s marketing department. We required daily, bespoke graphics projects including all types of banners, large format displays, posters and vinyl graphics, indoor & outdoor signage, exhibition work and also included cut-vinyl installations.

The best material advice

If we needed advice about materials, manufacturing techniques and installation processes, Gary’s team were on hand to explain the right choices to be made. This included getting the right board and banner materials, surface coatings and inks that would last for the number of years required. The advice was particularly important for outdoor jobs or where there would be harsh temperature changes, bright sunlight or a lot of potential for damage, knocks and scrapes. It’s a skill only gained with experience and knowledge of materials that can save a lot of time and money down the line.

Proof reading and artwork checking

If there was ever a design mistake in the artwork at our end, GB Visuals were always on top of it. There were many times that jobs nearly went to print with typos, resolution errors, colour-mode mistakes, scaling or bleed errors but the team were always proactive in pointing these out which saved many reprints and embarrassing installation fails. This attention to detail can’t be underestimated and was one of the key reasons GB Visual could be relied upon every time.

Trusted delivery

When it came to delivery and installation, Gary Baker and his team never dropped a job. They would always track down even the most obscure addresses and went out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction, rather than ever aborting a delivery. The team would even deliver the most deadline-critical jobs in person to ensure they arrived, sometime travelling long distances to get things done.


Last but not least, the packaging of work was always extremely secure which ensured there was no damage in transit which is important when you are relying on something to be ready to use. It also allowed for the repackaging of items that needed onward transportation or storage.

If there was ever any hint of a problem after delivery (like a snapped corner on a graphic for example), it was always fixed and replaced without any fuss.

Job done

The GB Visual team will go out of their way to make sure every job is just right, that you are fully informed and that you are 100% happy with the results.

Accreditation by Laurence Ager