GB EasyRoll Banner – King of Roller Banners

King of Roller Banners EasyRoll Banner detailGB EasyRoll Banner – King of Roller Banners

At the top of our range (and probably the whole industry) this attractive and immensely strong stand is stocked in many sizes up to a massive 2.9 metres wide, and available to factory order at custom sizes from 60cm up to 3.2m wide. Single or double-sided in the same body, which is so strong we invite you to stand on the top of it without causing any damage, and with a space-saving depth on the floor of only 23cm, this star performer is made to go on working with any number of banner changes, and has been doing this for some customers for more than 1 years continuous use. Whether you are supplying stands, or using them, you cannot do better than EasyRoll Banner. Tyvek leader for very long term use, outlasts PVC by many years. Standard height of 2.15m can be increased to “enormous” (3.2m) with pole extensions. 2. and 2.9m widths have a standard height of 2.m which can of course be shortened.