I was contacted by an eco-friendly newly formed company called Energise Energy Solutions. They had seen a mural we designed and installed for the British Red Cross and wanted something similar.

The brief was to show the 4 parts of the business. Solar, Wind Turbine, Electric Car and Ports and Pylon Energy Sources.

First we had to create their logo. Once that was agreed upon we had conference calls to try and get a feel for the mural style required. We advised the client the more input they had, the less time it would take to design and therefore save them money!

The process from design to print then installation, took about 3 weeks to complete.

The client was very pleased with the completed wall decal and has advised us there will be future business for GB Visual.

In there words ‘GB Visuals take pride in their work

Energise Energy Solutions Artwork stages:

1. Commenced on Image, basic layout.

2. Started rendering image and adding detail, shading and client style preference implementation.

3. Client not sure about positioning etc, so different direction attempted with 3d scene and different angle.

4. Client happy with original style, but with repositioning of original image. Client wanted actual offices incorporated into image.

5. Re commenced with renderinging image and adding detail. Client wanted specific cars incorporated into image. Completion.

6. The finished result printed and wall mounted.

I had the pleasure of hiring Tony for projects for the last couple of years. He is superbly skilled at Graphic Design pixel/game art. He cares about his craft, he’s fast, communicates very well, understands requirements and is personable.

I am comfortable knowing that his final deliverables will always be fantastic. I am honoured to know this artist.