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The different frosted window vinyl available at GB Visual

Frosted Privacy film is our most popular film. Provides elegance without any fanfare. It gives you maximum privacy while still allowing the light in. Frosted Film provides the most privacy of any of our film products. Ideal for residential and commercial locations. Contains real, finely ground glass, adding the sparkle of real frosted glass windows.

Crystal window etch is like any normal privacy film except it has a glittery sparkle finish.  The crystal effect is difficult to photograph but when the sun light catches the film you can see a distinctive sparkle in the window frosting which looks very professional.

Ritrama Window Etch Film is ideal for adding a frosted look to glass at much less cost than having to replace the whole sealed unit. Can be used indoor or outdoor, primarily to add a privacy screen to windows.  Where this product differs from the standard glass etch, is that is has the air flow channels on the backing to allow easy application and reduce the chance of bubbles forming during the fitting process.

low opacity frosted window etch can be used to create a privacy screen to internal and external windows.  This etch has a white frost finish and is primarily designed to be used on shop windows to cut out designs as seen in the image above.  It can also be applied as one flat piece to completely blur vision and stop people seeing into your property.

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